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Our servers are hosting in Skydio Singapore Data Center, Softlayer USA Data Center and RapidSwitch UK Data Center. We provide 24 x 7 live monitoring of our servers to maintain a 99.9% uptime.

Softlayer USA Data Center Center

All SoftLayer data centers are built upon SoftLayer’s unique pod design concept, making them functionally independent with distinct and redundant resources, and fully integrated through SoftLayer’s revolutionary network architecture. You can have direct control over your system in any SoftLayer data center and full access to all of SoftLayer’s back-end services—all fully automated and on demand.

Skydio Singapore Data Center

Our network located in Equinix is geared with Cisco networking equipments, BGP4 routing protocol, fibre optic network and connects up to 3 major telecommunication providers. Our multi-homing network is featured with 24 hours system monitoring, managed servers backup & recovery and located in state of the art data center. Skydio is an APNIC member, we operates BGP4 routing with our owned CISCO equipments. With BGP4 routing, our network is capable of multi-homing and deliver your Internet traffic with the fastest possible manner over multiple local and regional Internet bandwidth providers.

RapidSwitch UK Data Center

Spectrum House provides us with a secure and reliable location to house our equipment, with N+1 redundancy on Network, Cooling and Power, and VESA (Very Early Smoke detection Apperatus). The switch in each rack has a single gigabit (1000mbit) or dual gigabit drop from the VSS cluster. Each individual server has a dedicated 100mbit (full duplex) connection to the switch, and onto the internet.

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